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Unblack (Christian)

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 Трейлер нового DVD IMMORTAL
13 липня 2010 22:18
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Реєстрація: 30.03.2022

Норвежская группа IMMORTAL опубликовала трейлер своего нового DVD "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh", выход которого намечен на 6 августа на Nuclear Blast.

Тут обговорюється стаття: Трейлер нового DVD IMMORTAL


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15 липня 2010 15:27
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Повідомлень: 1747
Реєстрація: 30.03.2022

Обложка и сетлист:

01. Intro
02. The Sun No Longer Rises (from Pure Holocaust)
03. Withstand The Fall Of Time (from At The Heart Of Winter)
04. Sons Of Northern Darkness (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
05. Tyrants (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
06. One By One (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
07. Wrath From Above (from Damned In Black)
08. Unholy Forces Of Evil (from Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism)
09. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss (from Pure Holocaust)
10. At The Heart Of Winter (from At The Heart Of Winter)
11. Battles In The North (from Battles In The North)
12. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) (from Battles In The North)

Founding figures in the birth and construction of the black metal genre and important figures in the Norwegian scene that later became the topic of mainstream press and film documentaries, IMMORTAL remain one of thee most revered and esteemed black metal bands in all the world. Many remember the shock in 2003 when - thirteen years into their existence and one year after the band was nominated for an Alarm award for Sons Of Northern Darkness - IMMORTAL suddenly announced they would disband.

It was four years into their abrupt retirement when the men in black reconnected with their creative force and announced to their worldwide fan base that IMMORTAL would reunite and return to the stage. Luckily, every moment of IMMORTAL's headlining reunion show at the prestigious Wacken Open Air festival in Germany in 2007 was captured for all future generations of black metal fans to enjoy.

IMMORTAL manager Hеkon Grav had this to say about the long-awaited DVD:

”This release has been due many years, but finally we can present IMMORTAL’s first concert DVD. The band paid their dues with hard roadwork during the first decade and then some during their career, but they were hardly given the tools and surroundings worthy of a full-blown video production like this demands. The mighty Wacken Open Air proved to be the perfect partner for us in that sense, and this was truly a special night for both the band and the fans. The band played several great shows on the reunion tour, but the fact that headlining the Black Stage at Wacken would be something spectacular was a given in advance, and now the DVD is here to prove it again. It has taken some time, but good things rarely come easily or quickly. If you were present at the show, I think you will appreciate the possibility to relive the magic, and if youґre witnessing the show for the first time within your own four walls, I hope you enjoy it just as much! For those of you coming to Wacken again this year - what can I say but ‘Auf Wiedersehen!’”

The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh, the band’s first official live DVD & live CD release in the history of their existence, features songs that span IMMORTAL’s timeless discography and includes three back-to-back-to-back selections from their most acclaimed release to date. The leather & spikes, the ”war paint,” the bursting pyrotechnics, the essential anthems, Abbath’s on-stage acrobatics, and an audience that drew upwards of 70,000 people... the magic’s all there, ready to be absorbed into your consciousness.

Take a walk through the mystical Norwegian landscape and witness Abbath, Horgh, and Apollyon as they return to the fabled & mythical kingdom of Blashyrkh, where they are destined to rule for all eternity.

The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh will be released in Europe on August 6th and in North America on September 14th


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